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I have never used the free wordpress website before and I am testing it to see its capabilities and uses. Also, I want to compare it to search engine rankings with other blogging technologies, like and  I actively write two blogs, one at Just Starting – Matthew Sodoma and the other at Day to Day: Live Free Currently, I am using Blogger to write and Go-Daddy for the hosting.

Just Starting – Matthew Sodoma is about doing activities you have been delaying – working out, eating right, starting a business in your passion, learning foreign languages, etc.

Day to Day: Live Free – gives tips and updates my personal business to help others get started with their businesses.

-Matthew Sodoma

About matthewsodoma

I am Matthew John Dixon Sodoma and I prefer to go by Matt Sodoma. I work as a central planner for the Ag & Turf factories in North America for John Deere through TM Logistics INC, with a focus on international production parts and assisting with domestic and service parts. I have worked with global supply management and logistics from 2010 to present. Previously I worked in customer service, sales, and as a heavy machine operator. I enjoy learning foreign languages such as Mandarin, German, and Spanish; spending time volunteering and doing charity work; spending time being active like biking, running, weight lifting, and playing sports; and pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors. Otherwise, I spend my time with school. I have a BA in Psychology from Wartburg College with a focus on human learning and memory and have continued my education with a soon-to-be Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Dubuque.
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